List of components, Lucas FI (CU 14)
l battery
22A fuse
31 reverse light switch
47p check 'engine-light
75 + terminal box, right wheelhouse
76 idle increase swith automatic, gear shift
94 cold slarting valve, throttle body
102 fuel pump relay
132 speed sensor, behind speedometer
136 lambda sensor
144 pressure switch, below dash
146 ignition amplifier, left wheelhouse
156 AC-relay
159 +15 terminal box, main fuse box
166 AC pressure switch, dryer
169 AC switch, dash
171 AC thermostat
200 ECUCU14
202 engine temperature sensor (NTC), inlet manifold
203 throttle position potentiometer
205 air mass meter
206 fuel injectors
229 main relay
271 lambda heater
272 idle control valve
321 charcoal canister valve
323 fuel pump
347 diagnostic comiector, under rear seat
368 cold start valve codification
391 diagnostic connector, blinking code
395 resistor, left wheelhouse
G l earth, radiator carrier
G3 earth, trank
G7 earth, engine (lifting point)
G25 earth, gear box
1 p in connectors
H l-9 lambda sensor, right wheelhouse
H l -16 below centre consol, next to gear shift (automatic)
Hl-19 next to ECU (automatic)
2 pin connectors
H2-9 next to ECU
H2-13 next to fuel pump
H2-29 next to coolant tank
H2-33 lambda sensor, right wheelhouse
3 pin connector
H3-5 next to AC/heater inlet
4 pin connector
H4-7 next to ECU

6 pin connector
H6-2 next to AC/heater inlet
H29-1 29 pin white connector
H29-2 29 pin red connector
H29-3 29 pin black connector
H33-1 33 pin black connector
H33-2 33 pin gray connector
H33-3 33 pin blue connector
fuse box, can be reached from inside car, under dash