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UNIVERSAL JOINT FOR STEERING RACK TO COLUMN CONNECTION Anytime a steering rack has spotty stiffness, make sure you check the steering column universal joint. For that matter, check it anytime a rack is replaced. Bad ones can give return problems and stiff points. Many racks are replaced needlessly and then with little improvement in the steering because of the joint. It should move freely in both its planes of motion. I have 'repaired' many of them by heating the joints slightly and working them through their range of motion until they free up. They don't really lend themselves to relubing as their bearings are sealed. But the heating loosens the grease inside them and frees them up most of the time. This seems to be a permanent fix. I was all set to put a rack in my 86, but checked this first and that's all that was wrong. A little heat with the joint in the vise and 30000 miles later, steering is still smooth. Not removing the pinch bolt inside the car and forcing the joint off the rack during rack replacement often damages the joint. A damaged joint doesn't respond to the heating and should be replaced. You lose nothing by trying the heating. If it works, all you have to do is reinstall the joint. It can be removed by removing both pinch bolts and pulling it out from under the dash, removing the rack again is not necessary. Don't use a questionable joint, you could lose control of the car if it fails.
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